Two & Four Legged Members!

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    Sarah K

    Founder & CEO

    Sarah is a passionate, hardworking individual who prides herself on her ability to work with both dog & client. She is qualified in Animal Management to Level 3, has her Pet First Aid CPR qualification & uses positive reinforcement training methods. She has worked in the animal charity and welfare industry for over 10 years, managing diverse
    teams along the way.

    "Although I manage the entire hub, it's in the Training Centre you'll see me most. I can't wait to start this venture"

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    Sarah H

    Business Development Manager

    Sarah came on board as a company direction in 2023. She has a wealth on knowledge around business growth, development and knows how to drive success. She has always been passionate about The Woof Hub "I have always loved seeing the work that goes into this company. Ive been on the receiving end of the services when Sarah came to train my dog Kipper back in 2021. I am excited to be part of this expanding venture"

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    Business Associate Manager

    Sue is a dedicated individual who goes above and beyond to support the team at The Woof Hub. With over 30 years experience managing social care settings, she has a wealth of knowledge to bring to the team. Sue spent 2 years working within retail management for the RSPCA Doncaster & Rotherham District so can deliver in all areas of the business.

    "I'm so excited to be part of this business. You'll see me around all areas of the hub; I can't wait"

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    Dog Trainer

    Grant joined the team in early 2022 and has proved to be an extremely valuable asset. Grant holds is Animal Management Certificate Level 3 and with a wealth of knowledge in Positive Reinforcement & Canine Behaviour, Grant will be working alongside Sarah in the training sector. He will be offering various obedience classes and 1:1 training. 'I love being a Dog Trainer and thrive on pooling all of my knowledge into The Woof Hub'

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    Dog Groomer

    Alyssia is the senior dog groomer here at The Woof Hub. She has been grooming for over 5 years and holds a Animal Care level 2 certificate. She has also completed Level 3 City & Guilds in Dog Grooming, OCN Diploma in Dog Grooming & holds her Pet First Aid Certificate.

    'I find being a dog groomer very rewarding & have a passion for all things dog. I am excited about training new dog groomers who come through our doors as a student'.

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    Canine Companion

    After being a stay at home mum for a few years Kez decided it was time to take on a new adventure where she could make her passion for animals a career. Gaining a triple distinction in Animal Management meant she was now able to turn her dream into a reality. "I love working alongside Sarah and the team. Getting to know the clients and their beloved pets always gives me great pleasure. I always strive to do my best and love being part of the team".

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    Canine Companion

    Maleka has worked within the animal sector for quite a number of years including Animal Technician at Rotherham College. Maleka owns and trains 7 of her own dogs, some of which can be challenging. 'I absolutely love learning & with a passion for positive reinforcement training I love putting all my skills to good use in the hub'.

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    Canine Companion

    Gracie has a wealth of experience working with a wide variety of dogs. Sadly during the Covid-19 pandemic her journey took a different path which sadly led to her having to close her own dog walking business. Now, with her passions returning to working with dogs, Gracie joined the team as a Canine Companion. 'I am so excited to be part of this ever expanding company, to meet new people & learn new things'.

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    The face of the brand!

    Scampi is Sarah's shadow. He was 4 in July 2022. We know we shouldn't have favourites, but have you seen his little face? Scampi has always been nervous but grows in confidence daily. His off lead and recall skills are incredible.

    Scamp will be out and about on training and recall sessions meeting you all. Do you recognise him from the logo?

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    The giant one!

    Arlo a.k.a ‘Da’Puppa’ was 5 in November 2022. He is true to Labrador form and although sharp as a die, he is completely driven through his stomach! He will do anything for even a slither of chicken!

    He’s a bit of a goof and can be a tad excited and clumsy; he does however deliver an outstanding recall and walks well to a heal. Arlo will be out and about on training walks, aiding in recall, loose lead heal work and socialising.

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    Emotional Support Dog

    Zoom is a Romanian rescue. Zoom does actually have 4 legs however only 3 are functional. She is one of the most comical dog you'll come to meet. She is loyal, loving and a delight.

    Zoom is undergoing her assessment as a Therapy Dog and will be completing her training in 2023 where she will then be present for counselling sessions which will focus on using dog's as part of the therapy.

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    Low to Ground Hound!

    As the newest member of the team, Badger has been learning the ropes! He is often seen out and about doing socialising walks and working with the younger dogs around the same age as him. He loves to use his nose and drives through scent work. Badger is a strong willed pooch who likes to test boundaries!